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Data for Policy is a fee-paying event. Registration will open later in the year.

Standard Registration Fee: £250

The conference registration fee covers in-person attendance to one of the regional conferences and virtual attendance to the other two. It also covers full access to all conference material online. 

Three Region Registration Fee: £650

This covers in-person attendance in all three regions.

Discounted Fee: £25 (participants eligible for Data for Policy Inclusion Scholarships)

Data for Policy Inclusion Scholarships: We are committed to support participation from communities underrepresented in our activities due to financial reasons. The amount of support is dependent on the level of overall funding raised for each edition of the conference, and the financial contributions from partner institutions are instrumental in sustaining and expanding this fund. 

Subject to application, those eligible for an inclusion scholarship benefit from 90% discount on the full registration fee. Exceptional candidates will also be awarded additional travel support to in-person conferences. More information on this and the application process for this fund will be made available shortly.

Registrations from Data for Policy Sustainer Partners: Data for Policy receives support from its Sustainer Partner organisations, which also cover a number of tickets for participation at its annual conference series. Additional partnership arrangements for each edition of the conferences can also be made for institutions interested in group representation and other partnership arrangements offered. More information on this can be found on our website.