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A flow diagram of the post-acceptance process is available here.

An author from each accepted submission will be expected to register for, and attend to present at one of the regional physical conferences. Authors cannot present more than one submission, thus authors with more than one accepted submissions must ensure that another author is available to register and present at one of the regional physical conferences. Authors will be required to state availability for presentation at the point of submission. Note that full papers can be accepted to present at the conference, even if they are not invited to submit to Data & Policy before the conference.

Upon notification of acceptance to the conference, authors will be required to produce the following content:

  • For each presentation that will be included in the conference programme (including panels) presenters/authors are required to submit a pre-recorded video 15-25 mins to be made available to delegates of the three regional conferences in advance. Presenters/Authors will also indicate permission or not to post-conference release of these videos for public access via Data for Policy YouTube channel. Invitations to submit will be sent by email to corresponding authors. The deadline for submission is 30th September
  • Pre-conference material submission to Data for Policy Zenodo community profile to be made publicly available in citable format (a unique DOI will be assigned to each submission). Authors to submit an updated abstract, as we will not be publishing the original abstract (mandatory). Authors are also strongly encouraged to submit a short discussion paper (if the initial submission was an extended abstract), or a full paper pre-print (if initial submission was a full paper). Other formats and material, such as presentation slides or datasets etc., can also be uploaded.
  • At the selected regional conference, a five-minute summary live presentation will be required for each paper for discussion at one of the regional conferences. In-person contributions are expected but individual circumstances will be considered if notified at the time of submission. The in-person conference time will be optimized to maximise live debate. 
  • Subject to satisfactory review: Authors of full papers will receive invitations to submit their papers to Data & Policy.

Regardless of format of initial submission, authors of all presentations featured in the programme will be invited to submit a full paper to Data & Policy after the conference.