Data for Policy 2022 Ecosystems of innovation and virtual-physical interactions #dataforpolicy2022 | | @dataforpolicy 5 December: Hong Kong     8/9 December: Seattle     13 December: Brussels Delegate Access    

Special Tracks

Special Track 1: Data literacy  (view details)

  • Chairs: Julia Stoyanovich, C. Leigh Anderson, Sarah Giest and Diego Kuonen – All regions

Special Track 2: Improving the impact of agricultural and health modelling through better behavioral models (view details)

  • Chairs: Jose Manuel Magallanes and Stanley Wood – Seattle region

Special Track 3: How public is the personal for (Scottish) people’s data? Citizens and trust in private sector use of government-held (personal) data (view details)

  • Chairs: Lucille Tetley-Brown and Angela Daly – Brussels region

Special Track 4: Understanding novel and traditional data source trade-offs in quality, utility, and governance (view details) 

  • Chairs: Leigh Anderson, Francisco Santamarina and Ananditha Raghunath – Seattle and Brussels regions

Special Track 5: The future of border and external security: From Data to Policies (view details)

  • Chairs: Charalampos Chatzimallis, Pantelis Velanas, Christoph Busch, Luuk Spreeuwers, Eleftherios Ouzounoglou and Stefanos Vrochidis – Brussels region

Special Track 6: Citizen generated data for policy, innovation and democratic participation (view details)

  • Chairs: Eleonore Fournier-Tombs, Mamello Thinyane, and Serge Stinckwich; Gefion Thuermer, Elena Simperl and Julian Vicens – Hong Kong and Brussels regions