We invite new partner organisations to join the growing Data for Policy community, which is dedicated to building an inclusive global ecosystem for open research, discussion, publication, and access in the Data for Policy space. Depending on the level of their commitment, special privileges for our partner organisations may include the following:

    • Free conference passes for delegates from their organisations;
    • Association with the top international conference at the interface of Data Science and Public Policy / Governance;
    • Contribution to inclusive, global participation through funding inclusion scholarships;
    • Organising branded panel sessions at the conference (subject to peer review);
    • Association with the top journal, Data & Policy, published with Cambridge University Press, curating special collections of papers and supporting the open ethos which ensures that there are no barriers to publication or readership;
    • Opportunity to have exhibition booths at the regional conference networking area (depending on availability);
    • Opportunity to include publicity material in the conference delegate packages;
    • Participation in conference and journal committees, guiding the strategic development of our activities;
    • Launching new collaborative work streams beyond the integrated conference and the journal activities.

We welcome contact from organisations interested in any of the following partnership opportunities:

1) One-off partnership towards Data for Policy 2022 conference

Data for Policy 2022 conference will take place in three regional centres: Hong Kong, Seattle and Brussels. Partners can propose one or more sponsored special activities/panels at any of the three regions (subject to standard peer review process) and/or contribute to the core expenses at any of these locations. Core expenses include:

    • Venue and catering costs
    • Keynote and plenary speaker costs
    • AV and multimedia costs (virtual participation, video recording/editing, live streaming)
    • Conference delegate packages, banners and branding
    • Networking event costs

Once immediate conference costs have been funded, any residual partnership funding will be transferred to the central Data for Policy CIC accounts to support:

    • Data for Policy Inclusion Scholarship Scheme
    • Data for Policy central management costs and future activities
    • Open-access publications in Data & Policy journal

2) ‘Sustainer’ partnership with the Data for Policy Community

This is a standard option for organisations interested in being involved as a ‘sustainer’ partner to support both the annual Data for Policy conferences and the Data & Policy journal (published by Cambridge University Press). A sustainer partnership would be a statement of longer term commitment towards the high level ambitions of the Data for Policy Community to facilitate an inclusive global ecosystem for open research, discussion, publication, and access. In return for the ‘sustainer’ level partnership support, organisations will benefit from exclusive privileges (free-tickets, APC waivers, brand recognition etc.). The sustainer sponsorship funding amount has been determined at £25k annually. Current sustainer partners of the Data for Policy Community include the Alan Turing Institute, UK Office for National Statistics, and UCL.

3) Special programmes partnership with Data for Policy CIC

Data for Policy CIC’s special programmes partnership provides opportunity for enhanced and longer term collaborations in new forms, leveraging its existing international structure. Types of activities might include launching joint training programmes, research collaborations, and other knowledge exchange mechanisms beyond integrated conference and journal activities. Partnership duration and requested funding amount would be discussed and tailored to specific contents of each special programme.

Organisations interested in any of the Data for Policy Community Partnership opportunities should contact us (team@dataforpolicy.org) to discuss options.