who we are

Data for Policy is a premier forum for interdisciplinary and cross-sector discussions around the impact and potentials of the digital revolution in the government sector.


The conference series was established in 2015 with its inaugural edition ‘Policy-Making in the Big Data Era’. Its inception was a result of observing that rapidly emerging and developing digital technologies could be utilised to inform and direct public policy. The Data for Policy conference series has created a forum for interdisciplinary, cross-sector discussion for stakeholders from all walks of life.


The Data & Policy Journal was launched in 2019 to archive and disseminate knowledge and to extend the community further. Both venues aim to bridge the gap between research and practice. They involve contributors from academia, government, international organisations, non-profit and commercial sectors.

Community Interest Company

Data for Policy is now an independent non-profit initiative registered in the UK as a Community Interest Company. It is supported by a large number of key stakeholders, including prestigious academic institutions, government departments, international agencies, non-profit institutions, and businesses.

Data for policy 2020

First virtual conference

Data for policy 2019

“Digital Trust and Personal Data”

Data for policy 2017

“Government by Algorithm?”

Data for policy 2016

“Frontiers of Data Science for Government: Ideas, Practices, and Projections”

Data for policy 2015

“Policy-making in the Big Data Era: Opportunities and Challenges”