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A Global Community Leader

Data for Policy is a non-profit community interest company (CIC), founded on the highly successful Data for Policy international conference series. We are building a unique, cross-sectoral, interdisciplinary community with a shared interest in the potential and impact of data science on policy. Our community is a unique mix of individuals academic institutions, government departments, international agencies, non-profits, companies and civil society which is shaping an emerging field of research into policy-data interactions.


A Platform for Open Debate

Founded in 2015, the conference provides a global community platform for discussions across the boundaries of academic, policy and civil society, and advances the case of innovative, equitable, data-driven approaches to public policy. With the launch of our partner journal, Data & Policy (CUP), these discussions may be peer-reviewed and published for wider, open-access dissemination. With a constant view to the diversity of audience, different Data & Policy article types account for academic and practitioner audiences, and the community blog, Zenodo repository for conference pre-prints and associated materials, and YouTube library of conference videos provide further accessible, informative content. Acknowledging ever-present uncertainties about data and research integrity, the community is also committed to data accessibility, as well as studies into replicability and reproducibility.

Details of partnership opportunities for Data for Policy 2022 conference are available to read here:

A Committed Partner

We offer a novel model for involvement. Our inventive approach to research field-building is supported by our novel financial model of partnership. Our current partners work with us to sustain and build our strategy through contributions to our conference and journal, and membership of our organisational committees. Our sustainer partners, the Office for National Statistics, the Turing Institute and UCL, have been integral to our development to date, and we are also grateful to all the other organisations that have supported us in the past. Data for Policy serves social objective, not shareholders, and we are committed to using resources for further development of our community, in line with our public community interest statement. The current proposal for partnerships for Data for Policy 2022 is available as a pdf.

Why Become a Partner



Partners help guide our direction with representation on conference & journal advisory committees.

profile & visibility

Partners are featured prominently in the activities of the conference and journal.


dialogue & networking

Partners can network with individuals from key organisations at the conference and other meetings


Partners benefit from enhanced access to both the conference and to the journal.


Partners will support Data for Policy’s commitment to widening participation to the conference.

sustain our community

Partners ensure our community continues its global leadership in the field of policy-data interactions.

Our Funding Model

Data for Policy is funded by a flexible partnership model. Partnering organisations will share the goals of the Data for Policy Community and are also committed to high standards in business ethics and research integrity. They will also respect the independence of our review and editorial processes and allow us to transparently document their support in our public information.

sustainer partners

are those that make a financial commitment to support our initiatives. In doing so, they make a key contribution to shaping the burgeoning, interdisciplinary field of policy-data interactions research, which crosses the crosses the boundaries of academic, policy and civil society and advances the case for innovative, data-driven approaches to public policy.

other partners

support defined activities and initiatives. These may include sponsorship of events at the conference, or contribution to the diversity and inclusion fund. Please contact us to discuss partnering opportunities.

Partners & Support Network