Data for policy 2020

Fifth International Conference took place virtually from 14-16th September. For the first time, the conference featured special tracks, proposed by experts from a variety of fields, in addition to six standard tracks. In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, which struck during the conference ‘Call for Papers’, a special track looking at data and pandemics was added.

The standard tracks were as follows:
Data, Governance and Policy
Governance Technologies
Data Processing and Knowledge Generation
Trust, Privacy, Ethics & Law

The special tracks comprised:
Data Quality and Development Policy
‘For good measure’: The challenges of quantifying complex problems for policymaking I
Data Governance for Innovation for Sustainable Smart Cities: Opportunities and Challenges
Data Governance in the Public Interest
Data Quality and Development Policy
Data technologies and governance frameworks used for gathering, storing, managing, proces
Documenting Data and Data Science: Surfacing Data Processes and Practices
Harnessing Data and Science to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals
Re-using data to address COVID-19 and Pandemics  


15 - 17 September, 2020


Virtual Zoom Meeting