Data for Policy 2021: Call for Papers and Panel Session Proposals

We are pleased to announce the Call for Papers and Panel Session Proposals for Data for Policy 2021: Lessons for policy-data interactions after Covid-19.

Our conference series is the premier global forum for multiple disciplinary and cross-sector discussions around the theories, applications and implications of data science innovation in governance and the public sector.

Convening for the sixth time from 14-16 September 2021, this year’s conference will recognise the additional focus on data throughout the whole of society as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the opportunities this creates for learning about and developing data and policy interactions.

We invite extended abstract or full paper and panel session proposals across the following areas of interest, overseen by newly appointed editorial committees, who are working to develop each area:

  • Data-driven Transformations in Governance & Policy
  • Data Technologies & Analytics for Policy & Governance
  • Policy Frameworks, Governance and Management of Data-driven Innovations
  • Ethics, Equity and Trust in Policy Data Interactions
  • Algorithmic Governance
  • Data to Tackle Global Issues and Dynamic Societal Threats

And across nine special tracks:

  1. Showcasing innovative data services from EU Member States – Paving the way towards transparent documentationTrack Chairs: Seth van Hooland, Emanuele Baldacci, Blanca Martinez De Aragon and Joao Rodrigues Frade
  2. Governance of the digital transformation of health systemsTrack Chairs: Tugce Schmitt and Mujaheed Shaikh
  3. Arguments, algorithms and tools: what do we need to shape policy and confront misinformation post-pandemic?Track Chairs: Jaron Porciello, Ulrike Hahn and Stephan Lewandowsky
  4. Ethical Technology Adoption in Public Administration ServicesTrack Chairs: Francesco Mureddu, Giovanna Galasso and Francesco Paolo Schiavo
  5. AI and public decision-making processesTrack Chairs: Sarah Giest, Bram Klievink and Alex Ingrams
  6. Rethinking the open data movement through an intersectional feminist lensTrack Chairs: Anjali Mehta, Gülsen Güler and Amanda Greene
  7. Facilitating Data-Driven Innovation for Sustainability: Policy Frameworks and Measures for Data GovernanceTrack Chair: Masaru Yarime
  8. Towards a data-driven economy: Data MexicoTrack Chairs: Luis Godoy, Ana Cruz and Fiorentina Garcia
  9. Systemic engagement: Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and the design challenge of inclusion, sustainability, and data ownershipTrack Chairs: Ronit Purian and Avi Cohen

Deadline for submissions is 25 March 2021. Submissions will also be considered for potential post-conference publication in our partner journal, Data & Policy (subject to peer-review).

For further information, and full instructions on how to submit, visit our website.

Contacts: For all questions related to conference submissions, please contact; and for questions relating to publication in Data & Policy, please contact